10 Best Tech Startup Logos & Their Analysis Germany Phone Number

When it comes to logo design, designing for startups is perhaps the biggest challenge. Why? Because a startup’s identity often directly correlates to its success or failure.

Business owners want their brand to stand out, be recognizable, and for their logo to engage the personality and purpose of their new-born company. A logo is the first and the most durable ‘memory’ of a brand in the mind of its audience.

You can say that they’re just small images, but logos carry a whole lot of meaning–and designing one comes with a whole . Lot of responsibility, too. And this is particularly true for new Germany Phone Number companies, since they want to make an impact, create meaningful associations and turn audience into customers.

Did you know that 90% of startups fail? And guess what? I believe that large percentage of them fail because of poorly designed logo and brand identity.

I have been a logo designer for over 10 years, and the most important wisdom I’ve learned about logo design is this:

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Logo needs to be simple, memorable, timeless, versatile and appropriate in order to work.


1. Iterate

Iterate is a platform for getting the customer feedback (in the form of surveys) to empower teams to make better decision and build better products.

The logo illustrates the process of iteration in the simplest way. The three horizontal bars, stacked one on top of another, scaled up and fading give us impression of something that becomes better which each iteration.

Through this simple graphic treatment, the appropriate meaning was given to the most simple forms – rectangles. The simplicity of this logo allows it to be used in the smallest sizes without compromising on quality.

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