10 Features That Your Content Should Have

Although at first glance content creation seems like an easy task. I have to contradict you right from the first sentence. Many business owners make their own content or leave. It in the hands of an employee who has no experience in the field. And this a big mistake, because Iceland WhatsApp Number there certain characteristics that must be followed and. In the end, nothing can compare with the trained eyes and sense of a specialist. From experience, I give you 10 features that your content should have.

Relevance and Utility

Content that is not relevant to your target group will not convert you. But for that you need to know, first of all, who your target group is. Create content that is useful to users and answers their questions. Credibility. Lies and false statements have no place on a serious website. That’s why you need to know the topic you’re writing about, the products you’re describing, or visiting the accommodations you’re presenting. Documentation is an important part of the content creation process. Remember, if someone catches you lying, it can easily destroy your reputation and image.

Possibility to Be Easily Found

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Even if you have written a very well documented article / text, if you do not know how to make it easy to find, it will not be read and you will find that you have worked in vain. Inserts links inside the content, allows readers to search the site through a search bar , sends links to your content from other sites. Also, works on a site architecture that is as easy to navigate as possible. As well as, People read too little, they rather scan. And for that you need to “break” the content with highlighted subtitles, create lists, provide a little content in the intro and put the most important information at the top. Don’t forget pictures, videos or infographics.

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