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And that certainly rings true for jon tran. Who many of you will resonate with. Jon dropped out of medical school to partner with his brother, where together they built a pretty stellar operation. Jon lives in san diego, but 99% of his trades are “Fix n’ flips” and “Buy & hold” in rural wisconsin. This allows him to focus on his lead generation and marketing. Colombia Phone Number List Today, you’ll not only get a raw look at what led to this wild transformation story, but also what he’s learned and what’s crushing him right now via virtual real estate investing. Read the full show notes below…Colombia Phone Number List  be sure to subscribe to receive the carrotcast every week! Subscribe on itunessubscribe on google playsubscribe on spotifyor,

Direct rss feed link one of my favorite things

Direct rss feed link one of my favorite things. About what I do is connecting with carrot clients and learning about their personal journeys. Colombia Phone Number Johnathan tran is a carrotcast listener turned camper turned investor. I wanted jon to be here to share what can happen once you change that mindset and change your energy. When you really commit, follow through, and rush when you need to, amazing things can happen…even when you don’t do business the way everyone else does. Jon and his brother are proof of that. Jon’s unique business model jon lives in san diego, Colombia Phone Number List but acquiring rentals in southern california will require a lot of up-front capital.

Instead Jon and his brother started investing

Instead Jon and his brother started investing. in virtual real estate in the Racine/Kenosha area, a community they know very well,Colombia Phone Number List  located about 30 minutes south of Milwaulkee. They use the BRRRR method which consists of buying, rehabilitating, renting and refinancing. They also did some flips which turned out to be very profitable for them. Over the past 18 months, they have been able to acquire 10 rentals and $350,000 in equity. They did this by stacking multiple bricks in their marketing and making sure they used different channels. Colombia Phone Number List Today they use 5 or 6 different marketing methods, all of which have proven to have great results.

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