15 Common Mistakes You Make on Your Facebook Page

The consumer goods and services market grown at a rapid pace in recent years. So businesses looking for new ways to differentiate themselves from the competition and to attract as many customers as possible. The age of technology has come like a breath of fresh air. Because new Iran WhatsApp Number ways of promotion and loyalty been created. Companies have moved part of their online business and thus started. Developing new jobs that no one would imagine 20 years ago. One of these jobs is that of a Social Media specialist. Which deals with the online presence of a company. Obviously.

You Post Too Much in One Day

It is recommended to at least two posts on your Facebook page. One related to business (sales, promotions, etc.) and one related to the field of activity in a more friendly way. Even if you want to have as much interaction as possible from the fans, be careful not to fall into the trap of too many posts a day, because you risk the fans giving you unlike or unfollow because you invade their wall too much. Rather than having more and less quality posts, you better focus on producing relevant, high-quality content, but with a lower posting rate.

Delete or Ignore Negative Comments and Messages

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Iran WhatsApp Number

Any social media specialist you ask will give you the same answer to the question: What do I do with negative comments? It is not recommended to delete or ignore them at all, it will only bring you long-term disadvantages. There is a possibility that someone will leave you an opinion that you do not like, but you should be happy. This way you can see if you’ve made a mistake somewhere, if your products / services need to be improved and, in addition, you can see real-time feedback about your company. Always answer in a kind way and come back with another answer when you have solved the problem.


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