20 Content Ideas to Get More Followers on Tiktok

The TikTok social network has become one of the favorites of users, especially the youngest. For brands, it is a great opportunity to increase their notoriety and reach new audiences. As in any other social network, if you want to have a Malaysia Phone Number good presence on TikTok, you will have to publish content on a regular basis. So we leave you 20 content ideas to attract more followers on TikTok. Do you want to fully understand how to focus your business strategy on TikTok and learn how to advertise? Click here and register for free to our complete training. 20 content ideas to get more followers on TikTok 20 ideas to get more followers on TikTok 1) Post valuable content.

20 Ideas to Get More Followers on Tiktok

It is a classic that never fails: provide something useful to your audience. For example, you can be inspired by what we do in our Cyberclick account: ance videos are one of the classics of TikTok and the favorite content of its users. content ideas to Malaysia Phone Number get more followers on TikTok 4) Make playbacks. Another type of content that is very characteristic of this network, both with songs and scenes from movies and series. 5) Make duet videos. Duets are another TikTok trend. They are based on using an already published video to add your own recording. 6) Answer questions with the title of a song. One of the new fashions in this network. 7) Make videos related to the most important news of today. 8) Create videos about your day-to-day or that of your company. 9) Post nice and relaxing videos.

Especially Relevant for Makeup Brands

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Because sometimes all we need is to see colored paint spread slowly across a sheet of paper. 10) Share educational videos. Much content on TikTok is focused on entertainment, but that does not mean that there is no room for Malaysia Phone Number training. content ideas to get more followers on TikTok 11) Partner with an influencer to produce content. 12) Create videos to celebrate special occasions: anniversaries, holidays, Women’s Day… 13) Post creative tutorials of your products. Especially relevant for makeup brands, DIY, and the like. 14) Create a brand filter. Similar to Instagram and Snapchat, creators can add AR lenses and filters to their videos to create special effects, and brands can capitalize on this trend by uploading custom filters. 15) Make slow-motion videos.

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