3.25 Billion Hours of Youtube Videos Are Watched Every

World with smartphones facebook live gif. Vine and boomerang creation tools, territory belongs to all who own it. And that everyone includes real estate agents and investors. As hubspot reports, “90% of users say product videos are helpful in the decision-making process.” and real estate is about helping people make big decisions. China Phone Number This is why implementing video content into your promotion strategy is absolutely essential. Real estate experts like tom ferry also affirm it. He even talks about the importance of videos for real estate agents on his podcast and shares some ideas on what kind of videos you can consider shooting to attract more clients and have engaging China Phone Number content that everyone loves to see.

As part of your agent content strategy

As part of your agent content strategy. We’re going to cover 12 real estate video marketing. Ideas that you can easily replicate no matter. China Phone Number Where you are in your real estate journey. The examples we provide are far from poor, but don’t be put off by their quality. Remember that you don’t need to have videos that meet unrealistic standards. You just need to have high quality videos for the stage you are currently on. The worst thing you can do is let perfectionism stop you from producing content. Rather than using the examples as a standard against which to China Phone Number measure yourself, use them as an inspirational guide, allowing technique, idea, and pacing to inform your own videos.

Here are 12 real estate video marketing

Here are 12 real estate video marketing. Ideas to get you starteddon’t stop there… download your free video marketing manual with 52 ideas here .China Phone Number  Real estate video marketing idea advice videos for home buyersthe process of buying a house is not easy. At least not for the inexperienced home buyer. While most buyers have an idea of ​​what they want in a home, they don’t know the potential dangers they face, the kinds of things that enhance a home’s value, China Phone Number or the kind of time frame they’re looking for. Should expect when buying a home. But

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