3 Steps to Create Real Estate Content for Marketing in

Up looking like a game that only e-commerce. Giants play, a game that properly kills those who don’t have the time or budget to compete. Lebanon Phone Number List Even when you create content, you wonder if it was effective. But the truth is, creating content doesn’t have to end with a half-hearted end – looking back at the time spent creating content, wondering if it was worth it. In fact, there is a way to create content that takes very little time and almost guarantees a return. We call it on-the-job content and all you need is a camera. Here are 3 steps to create real estate content in less than an hour 1. Lebanon Phone Number List Choose a topic I just sold a house when you are done signing the papers for the sale of a home, take a video of the accomplishment.

Explain the process you used to sell the

Explain the process you used to sell the. House quickly how the seller got a fair price, and why you might do the same for everyone watching. Lebanon Phone Number To prove that you really sold the house, walk around the property while you talk about it so viewers see it in the background. Although this example does not show the full potential of this topic, it does get the idea across. Since website traffic is 7.8x higher for content marketing leaders, we’ll show you how to leverage content marketing without spending more time or money creating it. Lebanon Phone Number List Open day prospects used to have to get in their car, turn on the ignition, and drive to an open house.

But now thanks to technology you can create

But now thanks to technology you can create. A way for them to wander around the house without ever getting up from their couch. Lebanon Phone Number List  At an open house, just show the house and talk about what makes it amazing while you record. Here is an example of an open house live on facebook. What to look for when… Start your video with the title “what to look for when…” and fill in the blank. What to look for when buying a house in [your city]. Lebanon Phone Number List What to look for when selling a home in [your city]. Think about what makes your location unique and create a live video for it.

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