In its simplest definition, is a type of marketing done by reaching users who have interacted with your website or mobile application. Its English equivalent is Remarketing. potential visitors into customers. Google Remarketing is the most well-known method. It can be customized in many different ways.

For example, those who spend at least 15 seconds on the site, visit the “clothes” category page. This has already happened to all of us. When we do a product research, ads for that product appear on other sites or applications is an example.

This system works with the logic of cookies. Google and Facebook record some information from visitors to their websites.

Retargeting and are very close terms. It can even be said that it performs the same functions.

The bride now asks “What are the methods?”, “How is it done?” Let’s answer questions like:

Most Known Remarketing Methods

You can pinpoint with Google Ads and Facebook Business Manager. For example, to users who only look at product X, “10% discount on product X!” You can advertise with the slogan.

Remarketing with Google Ads(Adwords) is done with a small code. When you add this code to your site, Google Ads will be able to track the movements of users coming to your site.

For e-commerce sites, you can define a special code for each special page such as dresses, shoes, product x. You can then register users on these pages in .When you select these users that you have registered as targeting while publishing  This scenario is an example For Detailed Remarketing setup with Google Ads (Adwords), you can read my content

Facebook Business Remarketing

The term Retargeting is also used for remarketing on Facebook. As we said at the beginning, the two terms are used for the same functions in most areas.

First, you need to have a Facebook Business Manager account. Then you can do it by adding code to your site as in google. But the targeting can be too broad, as Facebook has also bought Instagram. for example

  • Those who watch the Facebook or Instagram Story you have advertised for 5 seconds.
  • Those who like the Facebook or Instagram Post you have advertised.
  • Messages to your business account.
  • The e-mail you have, the associated accounts of the phone database.

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