4 Reasons You’re Not Getting Real Estate Leads Online

Trevor comes to you with another whiteboard. Strategy sketch and it’s getting really, really fun. I don’t know how many we’ve done so far, Peru Phone Number List but we’ve got a lot more in store for you guys and keep asking questions because the way we deliver these things here comes from questions directly from you guys. Send them to us at [email protected] , via the comments section below or head over to oncarrot. Com and check us out. In this particular video, we’re going to answer one of the most common “Problem” questions we get…”Peru Phone Number List Why am I not getting the online real estate leads I want or not getting leads?” because in order for you to leverage using the web with your marketing.

You need to get leads in some way whether

You need to get leads in some way whether. It’s phone calls, form submitters, etc you have to have leads, otherwise you don’t get value from them. Peru Phone Number We’ve boiled it down to just four reasons why you’re not getting the number of leads you want. As you go through this particular strategy sketch, be sure to identify which one or ones you need to press on next. Agreed? If you’re not getting the leads you want, you need to do better or more of one of these things. Why you’re not getting real estate leads online reason #1:Peru Phone Number List B traffic little or no trail traffic the first thing you want to look at is your traffic.

It’s the most obvious thing isn’t it because

It’s the most obvious thing isn’t it because. You can’t get a lead if you don’t get people to land on your website. Peru Phone Number List How can we get more people to land on your website? The first thing we would like to see is that you get at least 25 visitors to your website per month and we say minimum because on average let’s say it’s a vendor website at driven home… you might convert three, five, six, seven, eight percent, 10% if you’re doing really well, leading. If you convert at 10%, which is a very high conversion rate in this type of market, you will only get about two Peru Phone Number List to two and a half leads per month.

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