4-step Marketing Budget Formula Find the Magic Number

While listening to this strategy sketch. You should use the carrot roi calculator tool to help you set your own marketing budget. Senegal Phone Number List I have a quick story for you, but before we get started, if this is your very first strategy sketch with carrot, we have plenty more on our youtube channel. Find out after watching this one. 4 steps to paid marketing roi only big real estate developers understand the story is that of 2 different real estate investors… a real estate investor had an incredible return on his marketing. Senegal Phone Number List The other struggled and lost all his money and ended up giving up.

I want to make sure you identify where in

I want to make sure you identify where in. This story you fit Which of them do you resonate. with? Which of them are you living at the moment? Senegal Phone Number The first investor… The first investor had a marketing budget and he knew his numbers very well. I’m going to go over exactly what the first investor did to make sure he got a great roi on his marketing. The second investor… The second real estate investor also had a budget. He took a dive, he started spending money, he started investing money, but he didn’t do these Senegal Phone Number List 4 steps that I’m going to walk you through .

They both had the same amount of money

They both had the same amount of money. To start with, they both had the same experience. One of them lost his ass on all his marketing, the other ended up earning tens of thousands of dollars. Now, that’s not a fake story .Senegal Phone Number List  I recently participated in one of our coaching calls here at carrot and these 2 investors were on the exact same call. One of them ended up wasting $1500 on pay-per-click marketing . The other ended up making almost $9,000 on the first trade because he followed these 4 steps . Senegal Phone Number List If you want to know the difference between really active and really profitable investors, these 4 things are going to be it.

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