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This year there is one more reason to visit under the bamboo After that, tree, the annual event entirely. Dedicated to bamboo, a plant with a thousand virtues and. Raw material of the labirinto del masone in fontanellato pr the visit the event could, in fact, be a way to. Pay homage to the creator and creator of this green utopia, franco maria ricci, a man in whose talent it has. Always been easy to get lost, passing from his activity as a designer. To that of a refined publisher to arrive to After that, the competence and elegance of the collector. He passed away at 83 in september of this very. Difficult year fmr, as he was often called using the letters of his. Monogram that triumphed at the head of his precious books and his elegant magazine, he was able to be unique.


Reproduced With Extreme Attention

The italian cultural panorama in one of his jewelry retouch service written that presents After that, his activity as a graphic designer, vittorio sgarbi pays him homage remembering how “without giving up his tastes, eccentric, aristocratic and sophisticated, he. Has aroused the natural and universal consensus for the beauty that is in all men”. In his work as a designer he has always been guided by the belief that “the creation of a brand is a cultural fact. It is philosophy. It is not emotion, as in painting.

A valid brand is not linked to an ephemeral. Trend, it must have enormous adaptability, infinite values. It must keep its value, its character intact ”. A thought that took shape both in the logos he created for large italian companies, such as. The scic kitchen factory, and in the famous tickets created for alitalia in the early. Nineties, and obviously in the aforementioned monogram reproduced on his editorial works.

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Preciousness of These Real Editorial Work

His first, great masterpiece as an editor was the USB Directory reprint in 900 numbered copies. Of the typographic manual by gb bodoni, the noble father of italian typography to whom we have already dedicated a post on our blog , which was followed in 1970 by the reprint of the encyclopedie ”by diderot and dalambert who had After that, started the century of enlightenment. It consisted of 12 facsimile volumes for the tables, 5 for the texts and one of presentation and study introduced by. Borges with texts by barthes, venturi, jacques proust.

The commercial idea also mirrored the original as the authors did in the eighteenth. Century, ricci delivered four or five volumes of this masterpiece a year to subscribers. With the same attention to every detail, franco maria ricci then. Created all the books of his precious and original catalog, studded with completely original. Choices and capable of being nobly out of fashion or, better, out of fashion.

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