6 Things Your Real Estate Agent Website Needs to Convert

You’re behind 56% of people don’t trust. A business without a website, and 81% of people research a business online before making a buying decision. Egypt Phone Number List And no, having your face on a business realtor’s website is usually not enough. Sure. Century 21 or coldwell banker (to name a few) want you to do business, but they don’t care which realtors on their website get the business. Which further means you’re in direct competition with all those other kind faces – and there are plenty of them. If you really want to succeed as a real estate agent, Egypt Phone Number List you need your own custom real estate website design.

You need a place where people can go and

You need a place where people can go and. Learn about you , not a third-party business. Keep your face on their website to help generate additional leads, Egypt Phone Number but rely on your own website to earn real money. Since you control your website, you can decide what it looks like, when it’s good enough, and how to use it. Do you have the ability to make these decisions for the company’s website? A little, right? Well, sort of. A little. Yeah. Egypt Phone Number List That’s what I thought. The point is, you need a real estate agent website design that advertises your own business as a real estate agent, not one that puts your face right next to the competition. However, having a website is not enough.

You need a website that drives traffic and

You need a website that drives traffic and. More importantly, converts visitors. Easier said than done. As impact reports, “Egypt Phone Number List In today’s website world, judgments of website credibility are based 75% on overall aesthetics, which means your website’s design and functionality is more important than ever. .” here are six things the best real estate agent website design templates have that you absolutely need if you want to convert visitors like clockwork. Realtor website design element #1: unique cta colorsif you’re like most real estate agents trying to build a website, Egypt Phone Number List you probably haven’t given color much thought.

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