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A character interview column can hardly Ivory Coast Phone Number called a product, or even a feature. Because it is not used by users every time they visit. There is a simple and widely accepted and adopted method in the industry. To quickly verify product feasibility. That is, when you don’t know whether a product can be accepted by users. It is good Ivory Coast Phone Number to develop an mvp (minimum viable product). So in the media, what is the mvp of a content product? In my opinion. It is actually a single article. Each article, whether it is opened, read, or shared, is establishing the most basic model for the title. Introduction, content, display method, length, etc. Of similar articles in the future, collecting feedback. And proposing improvement directions.

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Design and iteration to a certain extent. For each article, they can Ivory Coast Phone Number publish two titles for a/b testing. After the test, they can rely on the data to know which keyword is more likely to hit the user’s pain point. The optimized content is no longer based on the editor’s subjective standards, and everything is based on data. These data can Ivory Coast Phone Number gradually upgraded and iterated in the background, and experience can be accumulated. In front of the system, old editors and new editors have the same right to speak. When you create content in a way that it can be shared, the way to distribute it is obvious—rely on social networks. It is facebook in foreign countries, and wechat moments in china.

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Of buzzfeed’s traffic comes from facebook. Zhang xiaolong once Ivory Coast Phone Number disclosed users’ reading preferences. On wechat: 80% read content through moments, and 20% go to subscription accounts to select content to read. Therefore, if the first indicator of wechat operation is to look at the growth. Of fans instead of the number of shares, it is completely wrong. Because sharing determines 80% of your influence. At this point, the media business Ivory Coast Phone Number model that relies on producing and sharing content is clear: native advertising. Let’s first look at facebook’s business model. More than 90% of facebook’s revenue comes from advertising. At present, it has three forms of advertisements. The advertisement column on the right side of the pc page. The pc information flow advertisement and the mobile terminal information flow advertisement.

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