A Few Things About Seo That You Need to Know

Many use the WordPress platform because it is easy to use. It mobile-friendly, it many themes to choose from and the available. Plug-ins make everyone’s life easier. Although everything looks rosy, there a few things that. The platform does not do well: (1) permalinks – these links that created automatically. But these, in most cases, need to be redone to be more search friendly and short. (2) The external Greece WhatsApp Number links in the text open them in the same window. This automatically results in the loss of readers and potential customers. (3) The platform does not automatically generate the XML sitemap , which is vital for SEO optimization.

The Theme Used Must Be Seo-friendly

I know a lot of homework is free and I promise it will be done in an ideal way, but a stranger doesn’t really know what to look for, so you can wake up with a homework that you didn’t pay for, but it has a lot of problems. After what should you look? (1) Upload speed – is a feature that should not be overlooked. The harder a site loads, the faster customers will close the window. (2) Code – a code must be well written, tidy and simplified. It does not mean that if a code has many lines and functions it is a good one. (3) HTML5 – a code written in HTML5 is the best option for an optimized site. (4) Responsive- since users use the internet on many devices.

Seo Plugins Don’t Do All the Work

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There are many plugins for the WordPress platform that are only good for SEO optimization. But not everything is good and by no means do all the work. In addition to the meta tags, there are many things to look for: site architecture, permalinks, keywords, inbound links, relevant and unique content, pictures, title characters, keyword density, number of words, and many, many more.

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