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O access your google analytics account. Go to once there you will need to log in with. The username and password you used when setting up your analytics account. Step 2 – access the admin panel for the correct accountonce logged in, Chile B2B List find the admin dashboard, found in the left ribbon panel, to edit user options. Click on the admin item. Step 3 – select the site to be shared once in the admin dashboard, find the site you need to share with the new user (if you have multiple sites in your account). Under “Account”, click the drop-down menu and all of Chile B2B List your managed sites should appear. Select the site for which you want to add a user.

Choose between account property and view

Choose between account property and view. Level access after selecting the site you want. To add a user to, decide what level of access to grant them. Chile B2B List This is important when several different websites are hosted under one account. You will notice 3 Chile B2B List columns, each with a link for “User management”. Account level – the user will have access to all websites under this account and can also manage many settings and configurations. Ownership level – the user has full access to a specific site under the given account. View level (profile) – the user has a limited view of reports and data. This is typically for users or customers Chile B2B List who need to view summary reports.

Chile B2B List

Add user after selecting the level to which

Add user after selecting the level to which. The new user should have access, click on. User management then click on the button. Chile B2B List And you will see an option to “Add users”. Add the new user’s email address here. Step 6 – account permissions after entering the new user’s gmail address, you will be prompted to select the permissions this user will have. There are 4 different options here that make up how the user can interact with the level of account they have access to. You can also choose to notify them by email after they are added. Manage users -Chile B2B List  user can manage other users (add, delete, edit, etc.). Edit – can perform report-related functions such as managing accounts.

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