Adwords Shopping Ads Improvements Germany Mobile Number

The AdWords Shopping Ads team has been busy improving its offering, with at least 11 major new features launched in the past six months.

Even if you use AdWords regularly, it’s easy to miss some of these new features that can be buried deep in the user interface. To make sure you don’t miss out on any opportunities, here’s a look at what’s new in AdWords Shopping ads, along with my thoughts on how to use all of these features to drive more sales and profits for your e-commerce business.

Sell ​​more profitably

I’ll conclude with a few more tips based on my experiences with Shopping ads.

Find products you should sell

Google Trends has long been a great tool for Germany Mobile Number helping retailers figure out what products to stock, and now Google has launch a variation of that tool that’s aime specifically at retailers: the Shopping Insights Tool. The tool covers the 5,000 most popular products on Google Shopping.

Since the data set is limited, Google Trends may still be the best way to gauge interest in the products you offer. A classic example I’ve shared at several of my AdWords talks is how to use Trends to see which brand of jeans may be the most popular in various parts of the country.

The new Google Shopping Insights tool shows the most popular product searched in different regions and on different devices. Currently, data is limite to 5,000 products. Screenshot of taken November 2015.


Google Trends lets you look beyond the top 5,000 products. In this example,

Germany Mobile Number

we can look at any brand of jeans, even if it is not in the top 5,000 of all searched products on Google. Screenshot of taken in November 2015.

The Shopping Assortment report available in Google Merchant Center shows the most popular products in the categories in which you also sell products.

The idea is to tell you if there are any popular products in those categories that you don’t carry that could provide an opportunity to generate a massive amount of new sales.

Since these products are bestsellers and there will be a lot of competition from other retailers, you shouldn’t expect them to generate much profit,

but they could definitely generate a strong increased revenue when added to your product line.

The report only includes products for which you haven’t received any impressions in the last 14 days. This means that you may have the product in your feed, but your bids and relevance are too low to get traction.

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