Afghanistan Phone Number Exquisite mobile night market, the second entrepreneurship of the shop bloggers

From visiting shop bloggers, traffic experts, to personal exits and street experiments, what kind of transformation have the Afghanistan Phone Number operators of mobile night markets experienced?

Under the fireworks of the city, what is wrapped in the desire to realize traffic, or the exploration of more possibilities. Under dual identities, why are bloggers Afghanistan Phone Number willing to persist in time-consuming and laborious business in the face of a business that is not very profitable?

This article will find answers from the true stories of three mobile night market operators.

The dimensionality reduction attack of traffic bloggers

At 8 p.m., Yang Zi released the latest booth coordinates for the third time in a WeChat group of 200 people. “The place just now is too dark, everyone is hard to find, dear ones, we have changed to this place.”

Yang Zi explained eagerly in the WeChat group. Finding Afghanistan Phone Number a spot every night before setting up the stall is the first place she spends her time.

The black ideal one stopped on the bridge, opened the trunk, and Yang Zi took out his equipment.

When he just sat down, Yang Zi didn’t put his mind on the conversation, and looked around to observe the flow of people on the street and the pedestrians passing by. “When my partner and I just decided to do this, we thought that there must be rivers Afghanistan Phone Number and water around, and the light must Afghanistan Phone Number be suitable for taking pictures. It is best if the wind can blow, so that everyone will have a better experience. We attach great importance to the atmosphere. Feelings, so that those parents with children can also join.” Saying that, Yang Zi greeted his partner, took out the portable speaker, and played soft and soothing music.

Controversy over cultivating an internet celebrity boss

Afghanistan Phone Number
Afghanistan Phone Number

Unlike Yangzi, Sichuanese Ono’s road to stall appears to be extremely difficult.

This is Ono’s third venture after graduating from university.

She loves food, but since she has no start-up capital, she can only start from a street stall. In the earliest days, she occupied the door of the Afghanistan Phone Number department store in the business district. The product was a burger with New Zealand beef. It cost 20 yuan a piece. From the hamburger embryo to the meat patty, she was handmade by herself. However, due to the overlap with the restaurant in the business district. Higher, and it didn’t take long before they were defeated.

The lost Ono posted his entrepreneurial experience on Xiaohongshu, but he didn’t expect to get some traffic. “At that time, I was transforming Afghanistan Phone Number my dining car, and I also posted it on Xiaohongshu. I didn’t expect everyone to be very interested.”

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