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Work on delivering real value and you’ll go far. Repurposing your Germany Phone Number List content is not cheating the though some content creators may feel that way. It’s just an effective technique for making sure your efforts are noticed and appreciated by the people you create them for. These ten ways to repurpose content are just the beginning; in fact, there are plenty of ways to repurpose what you’ve created if Germany Phone Number List you’re creative. I saved 2 hours by uploading this article from Google Docs to WordPress using Word able. Try it here . Home article SEO Mercey Livingston writes about health, wellness and fitness Mercey.

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Livingston writes about Germany Phone Number List and fitness Published. You’ll be walking away in minutes with actionable takeaways to try right away. Let’s dive in! Mercey Livingston is a certified integrative nutrition and health coach, as well as a health writer and content consultant. She holds a BA in Journalism and Public Relations and studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. In Germany Phone Number List the past she was an in-house editor at fitness and wellness trends. Currently assists clients as an integrative nutrition wellness coach for countless clients in the wellness space. You can find Germany Phone Number List Mercey at What is your origin story?

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I’ve always loved reading, and writing is something I noticed I was Germany Phone Number List good at in school and I love it. After college, I tried several different majors, including business, marketing, and English, and finally settled on journalism with a focus on public relations. It was then that things finally took hold for me and I saw a future career in what I was doing. I think journalism and PR is a cool Germany Phone Number List my career allows me to write, but also have some feel for the world of marketing and strategy in PR. I eventually started working in corporate public relations and realized that while I loved some parts of PR and media strategy.

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