Albania Phone Number The video store is online! Catching up with Doukuai, self-built e-commerce closed-loop, will you be independent in the future?

The video store is online

On July 21, the video account officially released two documents, the “Guidelines for Opening a Store” and the “Guidelines for Opening a Store” and “Guidelines for the Operation of the Video Store”. Store opening entrance.


As early as last Wednesday (July 13), there were discussions about video account stores in the industry: The video account is going to be closed to e-commerce”, “The video account is going to get rid of the public account completely”, “The video Albania Phone Number
account is going to get rid of the public account” E-commerce is about to usher in new opportunities”, “Tencent has started horse racing again”…

At that time, the video account officially issued a “Announcement on Optimizing the Rules for Merchants with the video account window function, from July 21, 2022, only the merchants who have registered for the ‘video account Albania Phone Number shop’ will be able to use the video account window function.”


After that, the store entrance of the video store also circulate in the industry.

After the official release of the store’s entrance, the new broadcast site immediately. Compare the previous version and the current official version.And found that there is no difference between the two – scan the code through WeChat, submit the business manufacturing. And fill in the relevant Albania Phone Number information, and it is complete. The application for opening a video store is waiting for the official review. Overall, the application process is simple and the threshold is low.


In the officially released “Guidelines for Opening a Store in Video Stores”, it is mentioned that the sales. Categories currently open for Video Stores are open.

Catch up and move towards independence?

Albania Phone Number
Albania Phone Number


“Is WeChat Mini Store completely unusable? After the update today, you can’t add WeChat Mini Store products to the live broadcast.”

Not long after the official release Albania Phone Number of the video account store opening guidelines, someone poste the above post in the video account exchange area of ​​the WeChat development community.


Before the video account shop was launch, the video account that can carry out live. broadcast delivery in early October 2020 and short video delivery in Albania Phone Number. December 2021 is base on the WeChat shop mention by the merchant in the post. And third-party service tools such as Youzan and Magic Chopsticks.

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