Also Officially Released Chile Phone Number

Also officially released an e-commerce Chile Phone Number cloud solution. For traditional enterprises to test the waters of the public cloud market. In addition to providing traditional retail companies and brand. Owners with services such as private-brand malls, network-wide marketing systems, and multi-platform operations e-commerce Chile Phone Number platform cloud also provides customers. With partnered e-commerce consulting services. At present, hundreds of companies are testing the related services of jd e-commerce cloud. In the future, jd e-commerce cloud will be open to more companies. Game cloud, dedicated kingsoft cloud grabbed the front in the gaming cloud market. This is the most competitive of all cloud computing companies.

The Three Giants Chile Phone Number

Of alibaba cloud, baidu cloud and tencent cloud are all staring at this cake. At the end of last year, shanda cloud also released its first private game cloud platform, launching an attack on the game cloud. However, according to the latest statistics, in the “popular” games in the fourth quarter. Of last year, except for some developers Chile Phone Number chose to build their own cloud platforms, the rest actually chose kingsoft game cloud. Since entering the game field last year, kingsoft cloud. Has reached cooperation with 7k7k, forgame and many small and medium game developers and has gradually become their first choice. Kingsoft cloud creates a Chile Phone Number complete ecological cloud service for the game industry. By leveraging on the game foundation of kingsoft and the rapid development of xiaomi games.

As the Chairman Chile Phone Number

Chile Phone Number

Of kingsoft, lei jun’s ambitions seem to Chile Phone Number be far from satisfied. Lei jun said that in the next three to five years, kingsoft cloud will invest us$1 billion to build it into a company with a market value of us$10 billion. In the eyes of many people, lei jun’s move is to challenge bat, but liu kuang believes that lei jun’s intention Chile Phone Number is mainly. To serve the xiaomi miui ecosystem, especially xiaomi’s game ecosystem. With the layout of xiaomi mobile phones and xiaomi smart homes. Kingsoft cloud will have a bigger role in the game field in the future. Recently, kingsoft cloud and china. Telecom have reached a strategic cooperation. The two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in cloud computing. Data center, traffic management and other fields.

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