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Although this can ensure genuin Azerbaijan Phone Number products and low prices. It will also slow down the pace ofs overseas business expansion. In other words, the tepid situation of jd’s overseas online shopping business will continue. Fewer items to choose from at present, the overseas products provided by domestic overseas e-commerce Azerbaijan Phone Number companies. Mainly focus on maternal and child products, clothing and bags, food and health products and cosmetics. According to the reporter’s previous observations, the overseas brands and products covered by the major overseas e-commerce companies have increased. Significantly compared with the second half of last year. For example, costco, a well-known american supermarket brand that entered.

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A whole during the double eleven in 2014, was like Azerbaijan Phone Number a nut merchant. When it first entered, and its products were concentrated in snack foods such as nuts. Now it has expanded to health products, cosmetics, maternal and child products, snack food and household products. On the pages of amazon Azerbaijan Phone Number overseas purchases, products are gradually enriched. However, these are still not enough for overseas buyers, especially female consumers. Who are keen on cosmetics, clothing, shoes and bags. Industry insiders pointed out that most of the international first-line cosmetics. Clothing, shoe and bag brands will not enter the online market in the short term due to the main sales. Channels that have laid offline in china and due to copyright considerations, so you can see amazon china overseas purchases.

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Direct-purchasing store section, although Azerbaijan Phone Number there are many clothes to choose from, the brands are unheard of by domestic consumers. Logistics delivery is too slow ms. Li, who works in a financial institution, is a senior overseas shopping expert. She has experienced almost all overseas shopping,electronic business platform. She concluded Azerbaijan Phone Number that it too hard to wait for the goods to received after overseas shopping. Ms. Li said that almost all e-commerce platforms now advertise that the goods will delivered within 7-14 days, but none of them can fulfill their logistics commitments and have to wait more than a month. In early september last year, ms. Li bought a pair of asics running shoes on a haitao e-commerce platform and waited for a full month and a half to receive them, resulting in missing the marathon.

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