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Gutenberg Editor’s Guide 1 Current Editors If you’ve Portugal WhatsApp Number List been using Wordable to publish WordPress posts directly from Google Docs, you probably don’t spend a lot of time there! But I bet there’s still a good chance you’re familiar with how the editor works. The Gutenberg editor introduced something called a “block” The current WordPress text editor is a bit like a long Microsoft Word Portugal WhatsApp Number List document. Gutenberg changed this dynamic with something called blocks . Each “thing” in Gutenberg is not a single edit field, but its own “block”. If you’ve ever written an article in Medium – it’s the same idea . For example: Each piece of text is its own separate block.

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An image is its own block A YouTube video is its own Portugal WhatsApp Number List block You know. You can then use a series of blocks to combine your content. For example, here’s what the same content as above would look like in Gutenberg. It has four different blocks: Three separate paragraph blocks an image block Gutenberg Editor Guide 2 Gutenberg Editor 1 The importance of this block-based approach is that it Portugal WhatsApp Number List unlocks more advanced capabilities for content and layout. For example, you’ll be able to introduce columns, insert and style buttons, and do many other things that either can’t be done with the current editor or require HTML/CSS with the current editor. I’ll cover blocks in more detail later.

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However, if you want to try it out right now, you can go Portugal WhatsApp Number List here and experience a live demo of the Gutenberg Editor – no installation required. That’s why the WordPress core team made this change For most of its life, WordPress has used the same basic editor (TinyMCE). While the design may have changed here and there, the core functionality has never wavered. So why has it changed Portugal WhatsApp Number List now? If it worked for the past 15 or so years, why can’t it continue to work for the next 15 years? There are several reasons. First, current editors are too limited for casual users of this era. While WordPress can create anything you can imagine, it can only do so if you know some HTML/CSS .

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