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The automatic contact management (listboss) . Created with the mission of organizing leads . This tool will save you work time. Automate lists and. Consequently. Increase the conversion rate. >> click here to learn how to configure automatic contact management listboss if you are a producer or affiliate. You can count on automatic contact management (listboss) by integrating it with your email marketing service. In order to create automatic segmentations for each product. The entire process is done directly at hotmart. In addition to being 100% free. But what’s new?

After offering integrations with klick mail . Mailchimp . Aweber . Active campaign . Infusionsoft . Getresponse and e-goi . Leadlovers has arrived to complete the list of approved partners in automatic contact management listboss! Until the update of this post. The automatic contact management (listboss) already has integration with 13 platforms. Leadlovers is a simple platform that allows you to easily manage leads in an automatic online sales funnel. With all the tools you need to automate your activities. This partnership came to add more value to this tool. Which. In itself. Is already incredible.

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Your sales – since it acts as your communication Honduras cell phone numbers channel with the customer – you will have your leads segmented in the best way. See below how to configure automatic contact management (listboss) to make the most of its advantages accessing your hotmart account. Go to the tools option and search for automatic contact management (listboss) . As shown in the image below: listboss integration then select the product and click continue. Listboss leadlovers integration select the leadlovers option to validate your login account. Now. You will create your segmentation rules.

Honduras cell phone numbers

After configuring all the rules as per your need. Just save your settings and you’re all set! This way. Whenever a lead does one of the actions you stipulated. The system will automatically organize that lead according to your settings. 😉 so. Ready to move forward in your digital business? If you have any questions. Access our customer service and good deals! This post was originally written in november 2015 and has been updated to contain more complete and accurate information. Understand why with hotmart you sell more 10/29/2015 by hotmart reading time 12 min facebook twitter linkedin whatsapp what do you prefer?

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Not be clear what value a specialized solution brings to your business. But in this article. We want to show you why hundreds of thousands of users have already discovered the advantages of selling digital products using hotmart ! There are several services offering payment solutions for those who need to sell on the internet. But only one purely focused and created for the digital products market: hotpay . In this post you will understand why hotmart . Through its tools – such as hotpay . For example.

Converts more and why the rate of people who have improved their approved purchases conversion rate from 13% to 80%. Depending on the market niche and price range in which they operate. Image (1) ” we created hotpay for a reason: other payment services don’t understand reality and don’t meet the needs of our audience. ” of course. The most common thing in people’s lives these days is to buy physical products. And that’s why the other current payment systems are focused on this audience. However. Selling digital products brings many different characteristics than selling a physical product.

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