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He best landing page won’t do you any good. If a seller doesn’t see it. So how do you make your google ppc ads stand out from the rest of the clutter on a google search results page? Based on analysis of over 50 google ads accounts, we’ve identified the top 10 commonalities with the highest click-through and conversion rates. Here’s an actual example of a high click-through (17.39%) and high converting (37.50%) motivated seller ad .UK Phone Number List High click-through, high conversion motivated seller adthis classified ad takes two to three seconds to grab the seller’s attention after they search on google. You get a little headline and a very short copy to convince UK Phone Number List the seller that your site is worth visiting…and that you can solve their problem.

The better your ads perform the more clicks

The better your ads perform the more clicks. You will get. The 3 best google ppc ads get 2-6% ctrs. While ads 4 and below average 1-2% on. A google search results pagead Uk phone number list. Position google ads click through ratehow. Many bids are you losing to your competitor’s website. Take advantage of a free real estate investors. Website demo today to see how carrot can help you. Build your authority online and generate. A consistent, predictable flow of leads. Take a free demo of carrot 10 techniques to create. Ppc ads for high-converting, motivated uk phone number list. Sellers you want to get your ads off the page and attract the viewer.

UK Phone Number List

Like this carrot member did in his ads

Like this carrot member did in his ads. moreover,As quickly as possible you need to first grab.Their attention, second show them that you can probably help them, and third , convey a sense of credibility through the ad so they feel good about clicking. UK Phone Number List On the ad for more information. Since you only have a few lines and a few seconds to relay all of this… your ad headline and copy should trigger an instant response. Give motivated sellers a reason to click. Here are some very effective and ethical triggers that I use when creating ppc ads for real estate investors. These triggers have helped generate an average click-through rate of 5% as well as an 18.2% UK Phone Number List -to-lead conversion rate on carrot ppc accounts.

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