Anatomy of a High Converting Real Estate Investor

Trevor explains what the basic format. Of a successful website should look like. Anatomy of a high converting real estate landing page design a high converting real estate investment landing page hey, this is trevor with investorcarrot coming to you with another strategy sketch whiteboard video. Many people ask, “Why do investorcarrot Taiwan Phone Number List websites work so well?” now we do a lot of testing, that’s number one. We have a full team doing conversion testing, and we’re developing new designs and new sites, and all kinds of things. So we have the resources and the capacity that most investors don’t have. Taiwan Phone Number List One really cool thing that we have that we’re really lucky to be able to leverage as an asset is you guys.

Our clients generate hundreds of thousands

Our clients generate hundreds of thousands. Of leads per year, and we have all of this data that we can mine and test to see what works well. Taiwan Phone Number This video explains what is the basic format of a website that would work well. It could be your motivated seller website, cash buyer, landlord renter, land seller, or whatever. We follow the same format with all different types of leads. Not just in real estate, but in other businesses that I run, we also follow a very similar format. It’s just something that really works. We’re going to dive into it and in the end, I Taiwan Phone Number List don’t want you to pick up this model and run around with it.

I want you to say why do some things work

I want you to say why do some things work. And what do I need to adjust on my website?” that’s what we’re looking at here. Taiwan Phone Number List Look at the big chunks of stuff. I have numbered some of the things here. Lead generation landing page anatomy of a homepage you will notice that on our investorcarrot website we have many more items than these six or more. I pick out the six big chunks you can focus on in your website to make it perform better. Taiwan Phone Number List We are talking about a home page. One of the big things is that your homepage should be a lead-generating page.

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