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Are both cooperating with offline pharmacies and then assigning. Online orders to offline pharmacies for delivery. It previously reported that yaogaili reached Exit Mobile Phone Numbers cooperation with 50 offline pharmacies. And has supported the zhongguancun, lincui road and xiaoying areas in beijing. The number of pharmacies in cooperation with emergency drug delivery. Has reached 8,000, covering first-tier cities such Exit Mobile Phone Numbers as beijing, shanghai and guangzhou. However, the two are not the same in allocation logic. Yaojieli has built a set of logic for allocating orders to pharmacies. It relatively evenly distributed within the same area. Giving priority to pharmacies with more complete drugs, faster delivery, and better consulting and detailed services. Creating a pharmacy point system.

Yaojieli Has a Exit Mobile Phone Numbers

Moreover, self-built logistics and distribution team. Which can meet the needs of users to deliver medicines at night. The drug delivery is similar to the “order grab model” similar to didi taxi. After the user places an order online, the drug will delivered by a nearby Exit Mobile Phone Numbers pharmacy. However, unlike taxi-hailing software’s high subsidy for order grabbing. There are no subsidy measures for “drug delivery”. But no matter which method adopted. The fast delivery mode cannot avoid the problem of too high delivery cost. A pharmaceutical e-commerce Exit Mobile Phone Numbers practitioner pointed out. Do users really need to be so fast? The pharmaceutical e-commerce companies that follow the ‘quick bag. Model have not thought of a good way to make money.

If Pharmaceutical Exit Mobile Phone Numbers

Exit Mobile Phone Numbers

E-commerce companies want to Exit Mobile Phone Numbers ensure service quality. They still need to build their own distribution. Teams, or looking for professional third-party drug delivery companies, will inevitably result in excessive costs.” in addition, some people in the industry believe that the one-hour delivery model is just a gimmick to Exit Mobile Phone Numbers attract consumers. And it is difficult to operate in reality. There have been reports that the user experience of the emergency. Drug delivery business is not good, and it is difficult to ensure the timely delivery of drugs. The 1-hour drug delivery service of the golden elephant app. Which tried this business earlier, is no longer in operation.

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