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However which is a huge benefit in situations where I can Nigeria WhatsApp Number List type without thinking, such as taking notes in class or at a meeting, and I can often keep up with what is being said in near real-time.” So, you know, Dvorak might not help you with creative writing, but it might just help you with notes or quotes. Other ways to speed up typing include: dictation training course try dictation I’m Nigeria WhatsApp Number List actually a person who thinks with my voice, so I often take notes through dictation or audio recording (which I later transcribe into written work). This can help you speed up your writing, especially if you’re writing a speech or even the first draft of an idea essay. If you do want to check out dictation.

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Google Docs has a native “voice typing” option, or you can Nigeria WhatsApp Number List check out a professional transcription service like not for everyone. One thing helps everyone? Continuing Education. Attend courses That’s right. There are tons of live and online courses to help you type faster. Some of them are completely free. Here are some free programs I like: type typing club Here are some paid programs you can also check out: type Typing Master (Udemy) In any case, practice and application will save you, and extracting Nigeria WhatsApp Number List content year after year (with proper typing) should allow you to gradually improve. Process: Why the way you do things matters The process is an interesting point.

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This is indeed the highest leverage point, but in terms of its Nigeria WhatsApp Number List immediate payoff, it is the most confusing. It’s easy to understand that you shouldn’t be checking Facebook every 3 minutes, or theoretically being able to type faster should improve your overall output. But the process is vague and contextual. Everyone has a different process that works for them. This is real. But there are a few tricks that seem to help most people write more. Here they come: Writing against a tight deadline (with your back to the wall) Prepare like a chef (cooking will be easier) Eliminate boredom and confusion Automate what you can do use your strengths Let’s discuss each in more detail. Write to tight deadlines (write against the wall) This is my favorite “hack”, although it’s not for the faint of heart.

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