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This is a false dichotomy. In Poland Phone Number List is extremely helpful for bloggers and content marketers. It helps us increase blog conversions improve the quality of our content improve. The topics we choose to write about enhance the user experience for our readers and grow your blog in general (that’s the goal, right?). As with most things, getting started requires varying degrees of technical Poland Phone Number List how far you want to go. But with today’s data analytics outsourcing tools, you can get started very easily without a lot of technical knowledge. And you can always make data easier to understand through data visualization.

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Poland Phone Number List

I like to divide data collection and analysis into two broad categories, just for Poland Phone Number List data Both types are important and both can help you blog. This article will provide a high-level overview of both approaches and will dive into specific approaches within these two broad categories. Quantitative data for bloggers Quantitative data is the type of data you might have in mind when you start reading this article. Hard numbers, big data, etc. Qualitative and quantitative data short infographics Image Source For most Poland Phone Number List companies, this will primarily be Google Analytics. If you’re developing a SaaS product, you probably have a product analytics solution like.

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Amplitude or Mix panel. It’s also likely that you Poland Phone Number List of quantitative data in the blogging tool you’re  has its own data reports Sumo has a reporting dashboard, etc. You can also combine all this data into one database or data warehouse. Products like Segment and Hull help you Poland Phone Number List this data and use it. In real time personalization campaigns cup 2 Image Source But we are getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s look at the basic analysis setup (used by almost everyone). What can Google Analytics Poland Phone Number List marketers? Many things, many things. Google Analytics for Bloggers As I wrote in my article on content marketing analytics.

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