Attitudes Do All Good Content Marketers

Just two years into the job and I’m not 100Estonia Phone Numbers List selling the industry I want to segment. Now, I am a generalist. However, I have controlled the amount of writing services I offer. In my first year of business, I delivered everything from websites to press releases, direct mail to blog posts. I’ve dialed back a lot and now only have a place in website content, blog posts, and automated emails. I think for Estonia Phone Numbers List new freelance content marketers, finding your footing and choosing a horizontal niche—and therefore the type of content marketing writing you’re good at and like—is a great place to start.

Have That Mediocre Content Marketers

Many content marketers and copywriters just Estonia Phone Numbers List need to do just that. They choose not to delve into the industry. But at least the benefit of segmenting your services is that you can more easily identify what works for you and say “no” to projects and clients that you know you’re not a Estonia Phone Numbers List good fit for. What do you think most freelancers do wrong when trying to grow and manage their business? So aside from any actual writing/copying errors, what commercial errors are you seeing? Price. Know how to price your services and have the confidence to price specific items. This is the most talked about business topic of all the Estonia Phone Numbers List copywriting and content marketing teams I’m on.

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This is difficult for several Estonia Phone Numbers List when it comes to money We’re creatives, not businessmen, so we avoid the topic of money. As a result, many of us get flustered, underpaid, or work for free. 2. We don’t know our worth There is no easy way to find the average industry earnings of freelance writers. People charge wildly different prices based on where they live, their Estonia Phone Numbers List they offer. This makes it difficult to price projects, although ProCopywriters, Kate Toon’s School of Smart Copywriting, and Copy Hackers run (almost) annual surveys to try and fix it.

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