Instagram and Messenger Merge Their Chats: Can You Use Both Apps?

Facebook messaging applications bring us interesting news. For years, Facebook has owned three great messaging apps: Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct and WhatsApp. It seemed logical to think that at some point they would consider unifying them, and now the Azerbaijan Phone Number rumors are starting to come true with the merger of Facebook Messenger and Instagram. We tell you everything about this novelty. However, Do you want to improve your advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram? Enter here and watch for free the course that will help you achieve better results for your brand or company.

Instagram Direct and Facebook Messenger Merge

Instagram and Messenger merge their chats you can use both apps Instagram Direct and Facebook Messenger merge For a few weeks, some users from certain countries can already send messages through Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct that are synchronized with each other . This means that conversations are “merged” and the Azerbaijan Phone Number same messages appear no matter what app you sent or read them with. In this way, now Facebook Messenger users will be able to contact you on Instagram Direct without having to download a new application, and vice versa. For now, this new functionality is optional : Instagram users can choose whether they want to update it or not. When it is available for a specific user, a message appears informing them of the news and giving them the option of merging both chats or continuing as before.

The Next Step: the Unification

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It remains to see if in the future it will be mandatory for all users of Instagram. Direct and facebook messenger to combine both apps. Unification-messaging-messenger-instagram-app in addition. Facebook has presented several relevant novelties for azerbaijan phone number these two messaging. Applications: watch together: a feature to be able to watch videos. At the same time during a call, available for videos. From facebook watch, igtv, and soon reels. Selfie Stickers: You can create stickers with your selfie on Boomerang and incorporate them into the conversation. Option to customize the chat with multiple color schemes.

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