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Friends we have of all types and we have so many that it is almost impossible to classify them all but. The list is never lacking in talkers jokers leaders hyperactive overprotective, endless characteristics that make them unique and different. In the same way we can talk about the personality of brands.

The personality of a brand is made up of a set of human characteristics that make it unique, that define it in a coherent way under specific features, distinguishable from a distance.

And what is the use of

Having a defined brand Japan Phone Number personality we are talking about the power to awaken an emotional response in people, that our consumers feel closeness if this is the case or support and tranquility if we are a bank joy and happiness if we are a drink. Not surprisingly, people tend to buy a brand more often if they detect personality traits.

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Consistency is one of the most important factors. Maintaining the same tone that expresses the values ​​chosen for our brand , we obtain greater brand capital, while defining an attitude that differentiates us from the market.

But this is not a decision to take lightly we must first study the market carefully. If we are an energy drink the natural inclination is to create a bold and irreverent brand personality. If we look around it is most likely that our competitor is already airing a commercial for a cartoon that, after painting graffiti grows wings and ends up flying does it sound familiar.

How many types of brand personality are there

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To identify and define the personality of a brand there are several tools. One of the most used are the 12 Personality Archetypes that are used to endow it with content following the behavior patterns that are closest to what we want to express.

Let go back for a moment to the example of energy drinks, where red bull leads the category. The archetype they chose is the explorer who helps people express themselves individually, breaks with convention and constantly experiments in search of new sensations. Its communication strategy could not be other than that of sponsoring sporting events with extreme content using risk and adrenaline to express the energy and that the drink provides in each can.

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