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Gutenberg Editor Tutorial Basics 18 1 1 Take advantage of Spain WhatsApp Number List Gutenberg’s new features – columns, buttons, and more! OK, we’ve covered: How to create a basic blog post with Gutenberg. Some tips to speed up working with Gutenberg. Now, let’s take a look at some cool new things you can do with Gutenberg . These exciting features should help explain why the WordPress team decided to stick with Gutenberg. Insert button – no HTML required With the old editor, the only way to create buttons was to Spain WhatsApp Number List manually add CSS classes or use a third-party plugin. With Gutenberg, you just add the Button block. To edit the button text, you just click and type.

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To change the color you can use the sidebar: Gutenberg Spain WhatsApp Number List Editor. Tutorial Basics Create a multi-column layout With older editors it was impossible. Create multi-column layouts without your own custom HTML or third party plugins. With Gutenberg you just add the Columns block. Create a Spain WhatsApp Number List full-width stretched image If your theme supports it. You’ll get a new full-width alignment option that lets you stretch the image across the entire screen. Opening up some interesting content layouts Gutenberg Editor Tutorial Basics Create reusable block templates.

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If you find yourself using the same combination of Spain WhatsApp Number List blocks frequently, you can save time by creating reusable groups of blocks. First, you can click and drag to select all the blocks you want to include. Then you can add to the reusable block with three dots Gutenberg Editor Tutorial Basics 22 You will give it a name. Then you will be able to insert the entire template like any other block. Gutenberg Spain WhatsApp Number List Editor Tutorial Basics 23 1 You can add more blocks and features using third-party plugins. Here’s where Gutenberg starts to get cooler Third-party plugins can add their own blocks that you can use in your Gutenberg design. This can benefit you in two ways The plugin you are already using will create your own Gutenberg block.

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