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Lending – having its own Cambodia Phone Numbers working capital, the distributor lends to retail and can afford to buy the supplier’s products, paying for lots of Cambodia Phone Number highly liquid goods in advance; Information logistics – what sells best in their region – distributors knew this; Quality management – who know how to trade, build relationships Cambodia Phone Number and understand regional or industry specifics, distributor managers are truly the best of managers; Trade marketing – essentially only able to move and distribute, but puzzled Cambodia Phone Number by suppliers, they assumed and disgustingly played the role of regional promoters of goods at the point of sale and stimulators of promotion of goods through the distribution channel The system of warranty and post-warranty service and customer service.

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During these years, and to some Cambodia Phone Number extent later. Distribution allowed manufacturers to reduce the costs of market activities and offered more efficient, and therefore economically viable, management and marketing. Later, with the building of vertical and horizontal links between regional centers, trade, manufacturing and marketing companies, suppliers and consumers, the importance of distributors decreased. As Cambodia Phone Numbers soon as connections were built and communication was simplifie . Mediation, as a type of business, lost its significance. With the advent of large logistics operators and transport agents, they Cambodia Phone Number gradually lost their role as a key commodity logistician; After the integration of disparate stores into trading networks and with the advent of their own storage system for retail operators Cambodia Phone Numbers in the regions, distributors have lost, in the eyes of suppliers.

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The importance of this function Cambodia Phone Number performed by them; In the 1990s, let’s say, the distributors carried the money to the manufacturer in sports bags. With the advent of a reliable banking system, inter-regional payments have Cambodia Phone Number become easier; the reduction of non-payments and the streamlining of relations on contractual obligations completed the creation of a system of financial relations in which there Cambodia Phone Number was no place for a distributor; The distributor, as a credit organization in the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s, mattered. Ultimately and later, having completely switch to receivables, distribution stopped lending to other channel participants and suppliers began to lend to the entire distribution system;

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