Chief Happiness Officer the Corporate Figure of the Future

The chief happiness officer cho is a corporate. Figure born in the usa in the early 2000s and later spread to europe and italy. This figure has the task of transforming companies into positive organizations, in order to increase the well-being and happiness of workers. The positive leader monitors the level of worker satisfaction, identifies policies toIreland B2B List  improve it and creates optimal environmental conditions. The cho is an ambassador capable of proposing growth objectives and training programs with the aim of enhancing the skills of employees, who become part of a larger cultural system: the company. A figure able to see beyond, to observe in detail Ireland B2B List economic and social scenarios, to solve complex systems by aligning company relations.

The cho can be internal to the company

The cho can be internal to the company. So that any  manager or entrepreneur can fill. This role – but also external. Ireland b2b list the relationship between work. Well-being and level of performance a dip in the. Pastin 1927, sociologists elton mayo and fritz j.  Roethlisberger set up a study at the western electric. Plant in hawthorne chicago their research is carried. Out with the aim of demonstrating a possible relationship. Between the working environment and worker productivity. Ireland b2b list in order to demonstrate. This relationship two groups of employees in the. Plant are used as guinea pigs in the first group.

Ireland B2B List

Subsequently working hours breaks and communication

Subsequently working hours breaks and communication. Between top management and the workers themselves.  Ireland b2b list all this. Leads to the discovery of greater productivity of workers. Thanks to the changes undergone in the working. Environment chief happiness officer the harvard. Gazette but why scholars have deduced that productivity. Increases when workers feel they have attention. On themselves when they feel part of something. When they think they are important and deserving. Of work adjustments if necessary in fact productivity. Levels strongly depend on psychological factors.  Of well -ireland b2b list being of workers.

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