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Google Analytics can help you answer several important business Russia Phone Number List effective are our current content marketing efforts? What content marketing opportunities does the analysis show we are missing? At what points in the funnel do we drop users? Is there anything we can do to plug these loopholes (or work with teams that can)? What can analytics Russia Phone Number List ideas and campaigns? Most people know how to get basic information like how much traffic you get, from which sources and how it has changed over time. This is still important information, but it’s on a fairly high level.

Writing Work With a Great Editor to

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But you can track interesting things like organic blog traffic over time If you’re using Russia Phone Number List make sure you’ve set up goals to track any desired actions you want to drive. Email list sign up? Set a goal for it. Without goals, it’s hard to get more value out of Google Analytics, other than the high-level traffic trends mentioned above. Also, it’s important to be able to parse out your blog posts from Russia Phone Number List your conversion rates and start building attribution models for your content. Sometimes this means setting up your URLs in a clean way, like having subdomains or subfolders.

Get Everything Else in Order

Sometimes this might mean having a separate view for your blog in Google Analytics. For example, Pique Tea’s blog posts, like this one on the best teas for weight loss, are on a Russia Phone Number List up subdomain tracking so you can click on e-commerce When tracking user session links or CTAs (shown below): But when you do have goals and your views are set up right, you can do interesting analysis like finding out Russia Phone Number List driving more conversions and where in the funnel readers are dropping. The latter can help you optimize your online forms, while the former can help you choose more content to create in the future.

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