Clubhouse & Podcast the Marketing of Listening

Two sides of the same coin clubhouse and podcast. Represent a new frontier of communication, the value today passes through the voice. By pier franco luigi fraboni communication , social media clubhouse vs podcast: what marketing scenarios? Table of contents introduction data to listen to why should a company do podcast marketing? Study, programming and voice we give voice to the brand unique selling proposition by clubhouse fomo clubhouse for marketing not just communication clubhouse and podcast: what synergies? Conclusions don’t feel like reading? Try listening to the article in audio mode voiced by amazon pollyMalta B2B List  introduction it is incredible to think of the evolutions that have taken place in marketing in recent years, we have not had time to fully appreciate.

Tik tok that we already have to take care

Tik tok that we already have to take care. identically,Of clubhouse after all we should not be surprised. By these sudden changes marketing is essentially. Value generation through storytelling it is a human activity. And it changes as fast as we do. Malta b2b list in all this a constant: content is the king . This is not debatable the value is always at. The center only now it is transmitted more and. More through the audio we marketers have. A moral duty to study these tools and find out how.Best to use them to promote our customers and. in addition,Our personal brand. Let’s start the analysis with. Some data that never hurts clubhouse vs podcast. What marketing scenarios data to listen to let’s be frank. We should have expected this exploit.

Malta B2B List

The frequent listeners of podcasts increased

The frequent listeners of podcasts increased. in the light of,Also according to the research listeners prefer the home. moreover,To follow the car and public transport. The indisputable ease of use of malta b2b list. Audio contents allows for their transversal use. And this is certainly contributing to the growth. Of these contents daniel ceo and co-founder of the. Well-known spotify platform recently stated that. Soon more than 20% of the plays on spotify. Will be linked to non-musical content not only that. According to researchmalta b2b list.  coupled with,By the reuters institute 75% of respondents believe. That audio will become an increasingly important.

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