Color Correction Services Contact After a Prospect Has Been

Questions to answer when choosing an attribution platform below is a list of questions that should get you started to make sure you know what you hope to accomplish before you begin. Color Correction Services Answering these questions will help you make a decision. Who will be responsible for maintaining the system – both from a technical and data governance perspective? Who will regularly use the system to extract data? Color Correction Services What kind of training and/or access will be needed to support this? What do you want to consider as a first touch? The very first touch, even though it was years ago? Or a first contact after a prospect has been recycled or otherwise

Disqualified from the last sales cycle they participated in? Color Correction Services What do you want to consider as the final touch? The last touch before the sale? last touch before the demo? The last touch before the mql? Can this system track all the potential channels you need to track? Color Correction Services Where is the data currently located and are there the appropriate processes or integrations tocompile it into one place? Can this system track every potential contact? Are you able to define what a “key” is?

Do You Need to Track Broadcast Color Correction Services Marketing Efforts?

Is there a time limit or analysis period you want to apply? Can this system look at attribution based on accounts or just individuals? How do you hope to be able to segment data in the future? Examples could include: pipeline and revenue for new sales vs. customer sales pipeline and revenue Color Correction Services by line of business or segment (sme vs enterprise) pipeline and revenue by channel groups pipeline and revenue by individual campaigns can this platform help you understand funnel conversion and lead velocity? Better yet, Color Correction Services can you achieve it per channel? What attribution model(s) would you like to see? Do you intend to create a custom attribution model? Who should have access to all data? Can you filter out unwanted yarn bloat? How do you

Color Correction Services

Want Date Ranges to Work? Color Correction Services for Example,

If you choose a date range, do you want to show Color Correction Services only leads that were starting the sales cycle, regardless of their close date? Do you want to see only leads that were closed within this date range, regardless of when they started the sales cycle? Do you want to see only leads that entered the pipeline within this range, no matter when they entered the sales cycle and no matter when they closed? Color Correction Services Want to see all of the sales that were hit by a marketing hit during that timeframe, regardless

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