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Whether you want to do product testing, look for information security technical solutions. Or enhance offensive and defensive skills. ACW SOUTH information security base has everything. The role of backup military aid in Taiwan’s information security war? ACW SOUTH Information Security Base is located in Guiren District, Tainan City. It is located on the 1st and 5th floors of the Information Security and Smart Technology R&D Building of the Ministry of Science and Technology in District C of Shalun Green Energy Science City. The actual battlefield, with the mission of becoming a holy place for Asian information security training.

Last year alone, ACW SOUTH

Information Security Base has cultivated as many as 665 information security Panama Phone Number talents. Copy of photo three _jpg_ Photo Credit: ACW SOUTH Sharon Information Security Service Base After the ACW SOUTH information security base was launched, it not only provided information security attack training to simulate the production line of the manufacturing plant, but also followed a series of promotion strategies: ■ Establishing a script—Industry-university-research cooperation builds offense and defense drill scripts to assist enterprises in conducting offense and defense drills ■ Training talents—strengthen the awareness of industrial information security,

and train information security

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professionals to enhance the practical skills and experience of information security ■ Promotion and application—Promote the results through the case demonstration plan, and further spread to other industrial applications ■ Linking the world—Introducing new technologies from Europe and the United States, and subsequently promoting my country’s information security solutions to other countries, forming a complete information security industry ecosystem As of the first half of this year, ACW SOUTH Information Security Base has held three lectures on topics covering zero trust, new generation information security defense, and smart manufacturing.

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