Company History Uniqueness Within Narrative Reach

How long does it take us to search for good. Content for our editorial plans ? Certainly a lot. We invent columns, challenges, hashtags , France B2B List we study our target in the same way. Not only that, we go further, we analyze their most frequent searches through tools such as ” answer the public ” and not content we also check the strategies of our competitors. But why do we do all this? Yes, it’s true, we want to find content that is really interesting for our audience, but what we really want is to differentiate ourselves from others , to demonstrate our uniqueness. France B2B List To do this we disrupt all our creativity, review the brief with the client and spend whole mornings in a meeting to look for that original idea that makes us stand out in the tide of content.

In which we are submerged every day

In which we are submerged every day. It’s amazing how we all, at times, forget about the most original, truly inimitable France B2B List content of all that has always been before our eyes: our company history . Nothing is more original than who we are. Storytelling not history the story of our path is unique and inimitable, knowing how to tell it in a compelling and stimulating way allows us to create an emotional connection with our target. On the other hand, nowadays, is it still valid to introduce ourselves to our potential customers by showing a series of numbers about our business performance? In an essay entitled ” stories versus statistics ” France B2B List published in the new york times, mathematician john allen.

France B2B List

Paulos explains how stories win over data

Paulos explains how stories win over data. And statistics as a matter of trust when we. Listen to the stories we tend to allay our distrust. In order to continue listening on the contrary. When we are faced with statistics and numbers. France b2b list we have the opposite reaction of lowering. Our confidence threshold for fear of being. Deceived  from trust you get credibility and from credibility. You get listening companies are asking for nothing. More but this equation as simple to say as it is difficult. To do presupposes a correct. Narration of one’s company history our path cannot. And must not be represented as a chronology. Of facts and dates france b2b list this is not of interest.

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