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May lack originality and unvoiced/bland content. What would you India Phone Number List do if you weren’t working on content/writing? Aside from writing, the other thing I actually do is holistic nutrition counseling/health coaching, so it might be! Writing about health and meeting people in the field is what actually motivated me to do a comprehensive and integrative nutrition coaching training with the India Phone Number List Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I love helping people with nutrition coaching because I feel like I’m putting what I’m learning every day into more practical use I can share it with people and help them apply it to their daily lives.

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People are overwhelmed with all the health information out India Phone Number List I totally understand it. I love helping people cut through the noise and find something that works for their individual situation or helps them. What inspires you? What kind of writing, media, characters do you follow and where do you get your ideas from? Travel and experience are absolutely paramount that’s why when I India Phone Number List if I leave New York. I promise to return there often because it’s such an inspiring city for me. Every time I go to New York, I come back with a list of new ideas for writing, projects, etc.

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Meeting people there, whether at the gym, at an event or at a India Phone Number List  always inspires me. I try to change things up by traveling as much as possible to a new is amazing and it also feels like an island I think people would say that? . Also, as an avid fitness/wellness person, daily exercise/exercise is vital to my brain and productivity. During or after a workout, I get a lot of India Phone Number List great ideas whether it’s from the class itself. The coach or just having my brain shut down for an hour to focus on my body.

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