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For example, we’ve been publishing Content Crafters China Phone Number List interviews (interviews with expert content marketers), and we’re working to bring their patterns and wisdom together into an e-book. Create a Tips and Tricks Email Series People love getting tons of tips and tricks from niche experts. So if your content ranks high and you know your readers find it useful and insightful, with a series of tips and tricks China Phone Number List easy to satisfy their need for knowledge and motivate them to buy more. For example, a consulting firm can create a quick email series to help readers organize their time and tasks.

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Web design bloggers can use email to provide tips on how to improve China Phone Number List the user interface without much effort, and more. Interestingly, email newsletters have become increasingly popular. They have a certain exclusivity and individuality. It’s just an anecdote, but I’m seeing more and more brands (and individuals) taking advantage of this channel. #9: Split Long Content If you have a few long China Phone Number List old articles and they start to lose engagement, you can boost them by breaking them up into a few different sections. This way, you can create a series of posts on the same topic, each connected by internal links.

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It’s a reverse-engineered “pillar and cluster” strategy, where you don’t China Phone Number List plan this approach up. Front but instead break out the bulk of the content you’ve invested time and resources into into subtopics. I find it’s also a great way to come up with ideas when they’re dry. #10: Quora Q&A Session Quora is a great source of inspiration, but it can also be a way to attract new readers to your website. Find questions about topics you’ve discussed in your  provide detailed answers China Phone Number List with links to your posts/videos/infographics. Just don’t spam the site; you’ll get banned, and even if not, it’s very transparent that you’re just a self-promoter.

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