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To look at our data and where our customers. Come from and where most of your customers come from, carrot members, it’s coming from organic search, people who go to google, type in phrases and land on your website, or… it’s also how we grow our business. Estonia Phone Number List The best way to do that is to have content. We need to have content to present to people, and ideally it’s content that you have created. It’s unique to you that shows your personality, that shows your expertise, and that’s also localized for your particular market. Now, the biggest problem we have when people come to us with this is they say, “Estonia Phone Number List I don’t know what to do the content about. It takes too long and I don’t feel like sitting down and writing.

What we started doing about a year and a half

What we started doing about a year and a half. Ago here at carrot is these videos here. We started doing these and other types of videos, and we were like, Estonia Phone Number Can we improve the content, build credibility and trust, do it faster and in less time, and create better content that attracts our customers just by using video? Instead of sitting down and writing blog posts. We always do both, but what I’m going to show you is exactly behind the scenes of what we do here in the carrot whiteboard videos and how you can do it as a real estate investor and agent as well, and how tons of our clients are already doing this and seeing a lot of success where they cut their content marketing time from an hour per post to literally 10 minutes, Estonia Phone Number List  and that’s higher quality content.

It ranks really well when you do it the way

It ranks really well when you do it the way. I’m going to show you, and also makes you a better expert. So all around you are a winner there. Estonia Phone Number List Content marketing strategy for real estate so I’m going to introduce you to my number one content strategy. It’s about creating a video and turning it into text and making it really simple for you. Ok, here are a few things. So the first thing people ask is, “What am I making videos about?” so you have to find some kind of topics, right. This video here is actually from a topic that our client submitted. He said, “Estonia Phone Number List how do you do a lot of content in a very short time? How do you post content that really separates us? Well, that’s it here.

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