Content Review and Maintenance

We have come to the part where we talk about the middle ground, the middle ground, and the bottom line. I will dedicate the next two parts to reviewing and maintaining the content created. An important part of the writing process. Content maintenance. The content needs to Italy WhatsApp Number reviewed from time to time, which I remember every time. I talk about how to create content. Why it important? Because some parts of the text may expire. Which is why, at pre-arranged intervals (3, 6, 9, 12 months). What we have written must be reread by us or a specialist in the field. If the information provided is out of date. It must rewritten or, in some cases, supplemented.

Create a Content Plan

Someone once told me that I have a fixation on planning, and I can only agree with him. We can’t work without initial planning, especially in the case of a blog. Because we risk repeating information or getting the reader out of the habit of returning to the site. This planning should done in 3, 6, 9 or 12 months, depending on the content we create. This planning should not miss the topic we are writing about, the date we publish the content, and the time when it will be reviewed. Content management. There is a possibility that a website has more content creators, and that is why it is necessary to establish from the beginning how the content is managed. There are two methods: centralized and decentralized.

Make a Style Guide

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For a content site, such as Buna Dimineata. It is important for each author to write the articles in their own style, because through this they add value and retain a certain type of reader. But if we are talking about a company blog or a presentation / sales site, it is important that the writing style is the same, and for that we need to make a style guide that includes: tone of voice, headings, level writing, terminology used, type of lists, uniqueness of the company and other characteristics that must be followed by the one who makes the content. When someone new will make the content, they will read this guide and know what to look for and how to write. It is important not to confuse the reader by publishing content written in several tones and styles, only if this is signaled by the author’s presentation.

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