Copywriting and Emotions Interview With Luca Altimani

Luca altimani tells us about copywriting through. His life, in his journey from community manager to content creator on linkedin. By ennio maresca career , case studies , communication , digital , social medialuca altimani, copywriting expert and community managertable of contents hi luca, how are you? What led you to become a copywriter? Czechia B2b List How do you think copywriting will evolve in the next few years? Can you tell me a little who is luca? What do you mean by values? How much have your values ​​influenced your professional career? So was it enough for you to “Break” the rules? What prompted you to use linkedin in this way? So anger was the dominant emotion? Are haters good or bad for growing up on social media? Would you like to Czechia B2b List tell me about your professional life.

So even in memorable comments you entered

So even in memorable comments you entered. As a content creator? What are the skills to become a good community manager. Czechia B2b List Did you also take care of anything else? Why did you decide to leave memorable comments? So you immediately launched with the new project? What was the event that gave you the most satisfaction in life? How will community management evolve in the coming years? How would you explain community management to your grandparents? What advice would you give yourself 10 years ago? And what advice would you give me as a young professional? What advice would you give to a young copywriter? Can reading novels help? One last question, what’s the best thing you’ve ever written? Czechia B2b List Don’t feel like reading.

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Try listening to the article in audio mode

Try listening to the article in audio mode. Voiced by amazon polly today luca altimani tells us about copywriting through the story of his life. Luca is a copywriter and content creator on linkedin , former community manager of the facebook Czechia B2b List page of memorable comments . If you are interested in learning more about copywriting, I invite you to read the interview to the end. Hi luca, how are you? Hi ennio, I can simply tell you that I bought sugar-free tea to be a health-conscious. Then I added sugar to it because I didn’t like it. I felt like a fool. Czechia B2b List Other than th

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