Coupled with the Limitation Henan Mobile Phone Number List

Coupled with the limitation of charging Henan Mobile Phone Number List conditions have to afford a villa. Tesla can only be a toy for the rich in china. In addition to the internet elites, most of china’s rich people are not too young, and they have a lot of entertainment. They’re more in the car than the drive, and the tesla’s rear-seat experience isn’t great. The coupe positioning takes care of the front driver, not the rear passengers. So tesla will launch a Henan Mobile Phone Number List version of the executive seat. To take care of these users. As for the rich second generation, tesla is not a pure sports car, not cool enough. Not expensive enough, and willing to pay is pan shiyi’s son.

Find Too Many Henan Mobile Phone Number List

Target users in china except for Henan Mobile Phone Number List internet upstarts. Not grounded tesla has always been a typical american company. Although the person in charge of its china area is chinese. The background in the united states is very deep. And it is completely unconnected with the atmosphere of china. To make electric vehicles, it is precisely Henan Mobile Phone Number List necessary. To have a good relationship with government agencies, state-owned enterprises, residential properties. And government management departments at all levels. Using local car sales talent, pr talent or even hiring ex-government officials is the way to go. Tesla is clearly still in the learning phase.

Sales Outlets Are Henan Mobile Phone Number List

Henan Mobile Phone Number List

Only in a few big cities, there are few Henan Mobile Phone Number List charging devices. New energy subsidies are not available. And there are no discounts for listing. These are all ungrounded performances. Arrogance after all there seem to be many problems in tesla china. But in the final analysis, it can Henan Mobile Phone Number List summed up in one word, arrogance. Before entering the chinese market, did tesla investigate the housing situation in china? Have you researched china’s charging standards? You analyzed the target users in china? Summed up the situation of china electric power company? Many problems, the media has long said before tesla entered china, but tesla still fell into the pit. In fact, tesla’s benchmark in the united states is the bmw m5. And the sales of the bmw m5 in china are far less than the 5 series.

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