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Coupled with the good use of wechat payment. E-commerce advertising began to become active on wechat. Brand advertising is increasing. Feedback from procter & gamble and unilever on wechat ads stated that each event’s. Discount List of US Mobile Phone Numbers information can get a participation rate of more than 50%. In the first test, wechat only opened one or two hundred public accounts. And now there are already a certain level List of US Mobile Phone Numbers of public accounts. That contribute hundreds of millions of traffic every day. However, wechat not fully released. Currently, it is only open to public accounts with more than 50,000 fans to apply. For joining the traffic platform. Du han said that with the accumulation of data and the optimization of algorithms.

It Expected List of US Mobile Phone Numbers

That all advertisers will quoted this year. And then List of US Mobile Phone Numbers the ecology will be more perfect. Guangdiantong also hopes to find its core competitiveness in addition to traffic. Improve ecpm (effective cost per mille, advertising revenue per 1,000 impressions. Even so / though, hope to be able to use big data applications, performance List of US Mobile Phone Numbers optimization and other platform capabilities. To make more many advertisers and traffic accurately matched. There is a classic adage in the advertising world. You waste half of your advertising dollars, but you don’t know where the half of your advertising dollars is. Guangdiantong hopes to use intelligent marketing and the algorithm behind it to minimize half of the wasted advertising costs.

Advertisers Claimed That List of US Mobile Phone Numbers

List of US Mobile Phone Numbers

There are more than 30 optional List of US Mobile Phone Numbers tags for accurate. Placement on guangdiantong, and now it has expanded to hundreds. Luo zheng said: “the accuracy of small category coverage. Will higher, and it can only opened after quality control. It is difficult to control 100 labels at the beginning. These data are all there, but how to List of US Mobile Phone Numbers adjust and optimize the problem. ” he has recently been thinking about cooperating with data. Providers to lower the technical and manpower thresholds for advertisers, and to visualize operations to a greater extent. Even so / though, we will reduce the difficulty of delivery on the basis. Of ensuring the effect of long-tail advertisers.” luo zheng said, “for large brand advertisers. There will be more data cooperation.

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