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Also content body Canada Phone Number List Database and over time the quality of your material will degrade. This is why experienced marketers and creators use content repurposing. This means you can use your existing projects to create new engaging content. This strategy is extremely effective for content marketing campaigns, product promotions and/or launches, and Canada Phone Number List Database other similar activities. So, if you’re interested in techniques for repurposing content and want to learn more, check out the top 10 methods. Ten ways to repurpose content update old post Infographics and Podcasts.

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Canada Phone Number List Database

Turn webinars into YouTube tutorials case study Use other Canada Phone Number List Database platforms Make a comprehensive list Revive old content in eBooks Create tips and tricks email series Split long content Quora Q&A #1: Update old posts We’re sure you’ve come across posts with “[Updated July 2019]” added to the title. This means that the information for this content has been updated with the Canada Phone Number List Database month the title. This may mean that parts of the content have that the creator has only. Edited and other information that may be out of date.

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So if you update old content you don’t have to invest as much Canada Phone Number List Database time and effort. Of course, in fact you should update the text, but it doesn’t have to be new. Also, Google loves updated posts and blogs/sites to keep their content fresh and relevant. Screenshot 28 Infographics and Podcasts Both are new ways to communicate the content you create to different types of audiences and demographics. Infographics Canada Phone Number List Database are a great. Tool that allows you to create visual easy-to-browse representations of informative posts. It’s also a smart way to get high quality backlinks from websites that might want to include. Infographics in their posts or for their own readers to reference.

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