3 Steps for a 360º View of the Current Customer

By Anna Ribas, published on February 19, 2021, In the last year we have experienced unprecedented changes in online sales. Our buying habits have changed radically and, therefore, our sales strategies should too. The new times demand a new vision of the current customer that allows us to accompany and interact with him at every moment of the Italy Phone Number customer journey. Let’s see how to achieve it with just 3 steps. Do you want to know the 222 digital marketing trends and predictions that will change the landscape of our sector in 2022? Click here and download the free ebook that we have prepared for you with all the information.

How to Renew the Vision of the Current Client in 3 Steps

Online sales 3 steps for a 360 view of the current customer How to renew the vision of the current client in 3 steps 1) Find your customers wherever they are One of the maxims of online marketing is to interact with customers where they are. But the Italy Phone Number interesting thing is that these sites have changed a lot over the last year. Lockdowns and other mobility restrictions have meant that brick-and-mortar stores can no longer rely on foot traffic to stimulate sales. In addition, there are far fewer people commuting to and from work on public transport, which means there is also less consumption of outdoor advertising. Instead,

Capture All Your Customer Data

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Social media apps like tiktok are much more popular. Than they were a year ago, as are streaming. Services like disney+, hulu, and netflix. Advertising on these platforms. Therefore, is a great resource. To interact with today’s consumers. 2) capture all your italy phone number customer. Data right now we have more information about consumers. Than ever before, from impressions of your online branding campaigns. To interactions with after-sales service. Each impression, each product added. To the cart, and each email generate important data that you can use in your strategy. But companies often fail to capture all the data and struggle. To form a view of the current customer that enables them to make business decisions. To generate this 360º view, we have to capture. All that data and combine it with each other.

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