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Data and information cooperation shows Senegal Phone Number that baidu’s focus is on collecting. And sorting out medical and health data, and then providing new customized services. Baidu health and baidu doctor app are all new business. In the event that,  that it focuses on promoting, which is quite imaginative. Baidu’s layout is diverse Senegal Phone Number and mature, alibaba. And tencent are expected to overtake in corners from the perspective of comprehensive layout. The purpose of tencent and ali’s active expansion. In the event that,  online registration business is mainly in the field of mobile medical care. Relying on their housekeeping products wechat and alipay wallet. As one of the latter’s “omnipotent” supports, and its counterparts. There are many fields such as taxis, ticket purchases, hotel reservations, and games.

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To the medical and health field. From the Senegal Phone Number perspective of actual business. In the event that,  is temporarily at the forefront: its always strong active search demand and product matrix have brought countless users, and its platform. In the event that, and service strength have attracted many doctors, hospitals, etc. “join”. A set of data shows the Senegal Phone Number health platform. Has covered 4,000 tertiary hospitals and 2.6 million doctors; the powerful hospital library. Covers 7,000 diseases and 120,000 drugs. In terms of products, from the content information platform with the core of encyclopedia. Know, tieba, and health channel, to the large health system based on wearable devices and health cloud system. As well as the recently launched “baidu doctor” app and other mobile terminal layouts.

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In the event that, medical field has not stopped and has covered multiple business lines. Covering a series of services such as information acquisition, free consultation, appointment registration, and health cloud. It is worth noting that baidu has always Senegal Phone Number had a good cooperative relationship with industry. Management and coordination departments such as the food. And drug administration and the national health and family planning commission. In 2013, the state food and drug administration reached. Cooperation with Senegal Phone Number baidu, and the three major drug databases and a total of more. Than 200,000 authoritative drug information were fully settled on baidu; experts have jointly. Compiled baidu encyclopedia disease-related entries.

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