Deadline for Application of the Regulation

Nowadays, information surrounds us everywhere. Whether we are online or on the street. In about 90% of cases. The information transmitted to the brain contains visual elements. The images being processed 60,000 times faster than a text. Due to the rapid development  Colombia WhatsApp Number of social networks. Consumers are exposed to an increasing number of posts on Facebook or Instagram, videos, texts or messages. Given the need to read or view images in seconds. Graphic design plays an increasingly important role not only in building brand awareness and recognition, but also in attracting the user’s attention.

To whom does the Regulation apply?

The first impression matters, and visual posts catch the attention of readers in an instant. And only then will they scroll through the text content. For example, Facebook photos generate more “likes” and “shares” than plain text, videos, or links. New and different information is easier to remember when presented visually than in text format. If you want to interact with users in an inventive and captivating way, then graphic design is the right way. Not only do posts bring more traffic, but they also have an impact on users, making them want to follow you to keep up to date with other interesting information.

It Makes Your Brand Known

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The more uniform the design used in social media communication, the easier it will be for consumers to recognize your brand. For a solid branding strategy, you need to consider a regularly used color scheme, words, and fonts. Also, your logo must match the overall design plan created. If the graphics on your social media page are randomly designed without a strategy in mind. In Romania, the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing – ANSPDCP will carry out the verifications and will apply sanctions on behalf of the EU.

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